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Swine flu - what would you do if you knew dear nephew had it?

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worriedwell Fri 24-Jul-09 06:40:26

Have changed my name as post here fairly often. My parents are visiting and are due to go and see DB and DSis-in-law, before coming back here. DSis-in-law rang up yday to say her little boy had either swine flu or a serious virus and GP had prescribed Tamiflu. My parents are v gung ho and want to go to see DB and then come back here.
Question: I have a 4 month old DD. Is it fine? Am aware that am walking around amongst people who may have it, getting the Tube etc. But it seems different perhaps when you know there is an actual diagnosis? My parents don't seem to think there is a problem.
What would you do?

Northernlurker Fri 24-Jul-09 07:57:30

You haven't got a diagnosis! Your nephew may or may not have flu and your parents may or may not catch it and they may or may not give it to your baby who then may or may not be unwell. You correctly point out that your dd is going out and about in the community and is just as likely to catch it there - or catch any illness for that matter. Tell your parents to wash their hands well and if they cough on your baby you will turn them out of the house grin

worriedwell Fri 24-Jul-09 08:36:07

.You are right NorthernLurker - I am aware that DD is at risk of being coughed on wherever she goes - I just can't bear the thought of her being ill and can't help worrying that putting her in contact with someone who appears to have it given the GP saw dear nephew (who's 2) and gave him the drugs.

Obv giving parents chemical and biological warfare suits to wear grin

angel1976 Fri 24-Jul-09 10:17:24

WW - I am 24 weeks preggers with DC2 and DS1 is 17 months old. So I am in that group of people who should be avoiding rush-traffic traffic etc. I'm pretty blase about the whole thing in the sense that I can't see the point of not having a life so still going to toddler groups, DS1 is still going to nursery and I am still travelling in rush-hour tube etc.

But I still wouldn't knowingly expose myself or DS1 to the virus. It's one thing if we catch it unwittingly but it's another if we catch it knowingly iykwim. Do your parents visit often? If they do, I don't see why they can't skip one visit just in case. That's what I would do anyway!

Travellerintime Fri 24-Jul-09 13:12:35

Hi ww,
I agree with Angel. I'm not stopping going to toddler groups/am trying to carry on 'as normal'... but think that's a whole lot different to knowingly letting your dd come into possible close contact with swine flu.

If it was me, I would suggest your parents postpone their visit to you until you know they're ok. Tbh, I think it's a bit irresponsible of your parents to visit your nephew and then possibly transmit the virus elsewhere.

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