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Do you think its unwise to let a playdate play out front with ds

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adizem Thu 23-Jul-09 09:10:21

My ds has had many playdates from school and there has been occasions where they have wanted to play out the front whether it be on a scooter, the bike, or with a ball.
Although my ds does play out the front occasionally with neighbourhood children I am worried about allowing a child who isn,t my own to do this in case anything was to happen to them.
What do you think is the score on this do you think if I asked the childs parents if it is okay then I could give them the go ahead to play out the front.
Sorry stupid question really I know but it has caused problems when they have wanted to go out but I have confined them to the house or back garden.
I am talking of 8 year olds here.
I know that I take responsibility for my own child and I am willing to do that but I would hate for anything to happen to someones elses child while they were at my house.
I suppose I am mainly talking about getting run over that sort of thing.
I would also worry in case they stray too far.

growingout Thu 23-Jul-09 09:11:49

Message withdrawn

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