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Am I being a bit precious about CM?

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Greatfun Wed 22-Jul-09 09:52:48

I think I may be being a tad PFB but need advice. I return to work soon and have a CM booked for 3 days a week. I liked her as soon as I met her. She lives about 20 mins walk from DDs school nursery and has a people carrier. I have seen her using this to take mindees to and from school so assumed she would be doing the same for my 2 when they start. DS will be under 2 and DD will be 3. Yesterday she mentioned that she has taken on some more mindees and will now need to walk to and from the school for the pick up. I am not so concerned about DS as he will be in a pram but DD will be expected to walk/scooter. I know 20 mins isn't much but what concerns me is what happens when the weather is bad. I have visions of my poor DD scootering down the road in the cold and wet with the wind howling round her and hail flying in her face (ok I will stop now).

bigchris Wed 22-Jul-09 09:56:59

If you had an older sibling to take to school though this could well be your everyday life anyway <it is for my two year old>

just think the fresh air and exercise will help her sleep well and as long as your cm wraps her up well it's fine imo

FlappyTheBat Wed 22-Jul-09 09:57:37

She won't dissolve if she rains and I'm sure that your CM will ensure that she is wearing appropriate clothing for the current weather.
Buy some waterproof trousers and a coat, my dd's both have them and think it's great fun to go outside in the pouring rain and play.

For most 3 year olds, a 20 min walk to and from a school pick up isn't much, she might even have a buggy board.

We go out in all weathers because if we waited for it to stop raining so my dd's could go out and play, some weeks we would never leave the house!

MIAonline Wed 22-Jul-09 10:01:29

TBH, it will be good for your DD. I can understand that it is a change in plans and you have thought it through, so it is probably a mix of a change of plans plus worrying for your DD, but it will be fine.

MovingOutOfBlighty Wed 22-Jul-09 10:01:40

Its amazing what my DD is able to do when it is not me doing it with her.

I found out the other day that she walked quite happily to a park which I would have considered miles away and too far for her apparently frail legs (frail when I am around!)

Express your concerns in a positive way about the weather - does she have a contingency plan if it really is chucking it down?

Acinonyx Wed 22-Jul-09 10:11:12

My dd does the school run every day, in all weathers with her CM. I always send a bag with wellies and a raincoat, just in case. When she starts school sher and I will be doing the same. It's about 20 mins.

It's been really good for her. She walks much more, it's good exercise, and she has got to know the school she will be going to. The school have made it clear that they expect dcs to be out in all weathers too.

If the weather is too bad she may have to walk rather than scooter - my dd always walks.

notsoteenagemum Wed 22-Jul-09 10:22:30

It is very likely that your dd will be playing outside in all weathers at nursery anyway, my ds played in the snow for 2 hours everyday then had to walk home 15 mins, and he survived to go to reception class.

Its good for children to walk even in the rain imo. As a nursery nurse you can tell the children who have been ferried around in cars not least because they rarely have appropriate clothes for the weather.

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