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t3 jogger

(2 Posts)
bouncyball Tue 21-Jul-09 23:12:54

Does anyone use one of these? Do you recommend them? Do you have one for sale?

lewis1905 Sun 02-Aug-09 20:43:00

I've got a T3 Jogger with Jockey/Toddler seat which is 6 months old. Think it's brilliant. Got it as first son was 15 months then had twin boys. Initially used a normal twin buggy and a sling but got dreadful backache and my eldest was too young for a buggy board. T3 fits through all doorways and all shops and had no bother getting it into the boot of my car. (Have big boot). Didn't try getting it on the bus so can't comment on that. My eldest is now old enough for a buggy board so happy to sell T3. If you're interested then please email me

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