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rainy day activities with 18 month old

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IREALLYDONTCARE Tue 21-Jul-09 20:38:02

I need rainy day ideas for an 18 month old who gets bored really easily. We do go to playgroups but its really in the evenings when I struggle to keep her amused.

I try painting, drawing, water play and reading books but like I said she gets bored easily and I always seem to resort to Cbeebies!

Please give your rainy day tips!

jkklpu Tue 21-Jul-09 20:43:36

puzzles, bricks, duplo, sticking pictures on to paper cut out of magazines/papers, singing with clapping and other actions, bouncing on the bed, describing what you can see out of the window, eg green van, man in a hat pushing a buggy, stripey cat climbing a fence, helping to sort the washing as a game (!)

januarysnowdrop Wed 22-Jul-09 14:04:08

Rainy days? Put on waterproofs and wellies and go outside to jump in puddles!

My dd1 became obsessed with beads at that age - I bought a whole load from Oxfam and she used to dress up in them & put them on her teddy bears. Has to be supervised, obviously, otherwise she'd have garotted herself, but she did love it. Dressing up generally - I let her play with old scarves/hats/handbags, that sort of thing. Put a mirror at child's height so she can admire the results.

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