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Summer holidays - what have you got planned?

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tummytickler Mon 20-Jul-09 13:28:00

So - Summer holidays begin in 3 days!
We are not going away this year as i have got a new job and dont know if i start 1st August or 1st September (NHS waiting for CRB).
We are wanting lots of free/very cheap things to do with 4dcs aged 8,6,4 and 2!
Aside form the usual nature walks, picnics,parks we have planned

-making tye dye t-shirts
-making a collage about one of our nature walks to be framede and hung at the top of the stairs
-getting 4 canvases and painting pictures for bedroom walls
-local airshow
-day at a local enchanted forest
-a few days camping if we can find anywhere decent

I dont drive which means we are largely relying on public transport!

Anyone have any other ideas (I am keeping a notebook to dip into when we have noting to do!)

dilemma456 Mon 20-Jul-09 15:20:02

Message withdrawn

dilemma456 Mon 20-Jul-09 15:20:31

Message withdrawn

MilaMae Mon 20-Jul-09 15:42:20

Netmums has a whole planning your hols thing including a huge list and free stuff ideas.

Mine are 5,5 and 4 we're going to:-

the library reading quest thing
a couple of craft things at the library
quite a few children's centre things
forests to ride bikes
play dates
fruit picking

we're making:-

some things off Kids Craft Weekly (fab site)paper plate dinosaurs, mermaid boxes,people paper chainsetc
daddy's bday cake & cards
alien scones(from Okido)
fairy/dinosaur gardens(in roasting tins)
playdough birthday cakes
paper clip chains
letters to grandma

they've got new paint sets,dot to dotbooks,stickers,Okido comics, magic painting,100 square bingo and cut ups,colouring books etc

we'll also be:-

taking bug boxes out and looking them up in books
setting Brio track outside
playing all our board games
hiring DVDs to play cinemas
collecting twigs to make their names
making Lego house and vehicles for the Go Go collection

Having said that they've spent all afternoon making a pretend guinea pig pen for a toy guinea pig hmm

Like you I've made a list needs much with limited car,funds,small house etc. I find if I plan the week ahead I'm way less stressed, spend less and they watch less TVgrin

Good luck!!!!!!

squilly Mon 20-Jul-09 15:50:27

DD is 8.

Library reading quest, enrolled and a third through book 1 (so far!). So library at least once a fortnight.

Major sleepover tonight, with 2 friends attending. This includes a teddy bear wedding this evening followed by a school day for the teddy bears tomorrow. DVDs on tap and popcorn/pizza and pop on hand.

Trips, over the next few weeks, to: Beamish; Alnwick Castle/Gardens; Bamburgh Castle; Eden Camp; Birmingham Museum and Art Galleries.

Camping for 3 nights for £12.60 at Haven in Mabelthorpe from 31st August. If we get rained out or it's totally hideous we lose £12.60! Going with my best (chavtastic) friend

Couple of trips to nanny's (in Birmingham)

Cinema trip for 31st July to watch G Force in 3d. Probably UP, if it's out, too. We're having a 3d fest. Also planning on doing the cheap Odeon Saturday mornings and have enrolled in Woolworths Very Important Families, so I can see free films.

Other than that, nothing much booked wink

itsazoohere Tue 21-Jul-09 21:37:26

Swine Flu sad.

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