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What were your DC's first words?

(26 Posts)
Wigeon Sat 18-Jul-09 13:08:53

Inspired by the Toddlerspeak thread on "threads of the day" - tell me your child's first words (am sure it's been done before but humour me).

Here is DD's (13 months today) entire vocabulary, in order of when she learnt them:

Mama (horray!)
Dai (Daddy)
Nana (banana)
Gai (Granny)
Tomblibombliolilio (Tombliboo. Oh dear.)

CarGirl Sat 18-Jul-09 13:11:48

dd1 = dar (star)
dd4 = Abi (her sister)

the others sadly I can't remember without looking up!

Northerngirldownsouth Sat 18-Jul-09 13:23:13

ds1 - bye-bye
ds2 - hat

poshsinglemum Sat 18-Jul-09 13:27:41

hat (I love this one!)
putka (pussycat)

Granny23 Sat 18-Jul-09 13:30:59

10 week old DGD is just starting to gurgle and repeatedly makes a Grrraanny noise - much to the delight of both her Grannies.

Wigeon Sat 18-Jul-09 14:38:06

Ahhh - very sweet. I like "star"! Much more creative than mama etc.

Stinkyfeet Sat 18-Jul-09 14:41:48

Another "hat" here - ds1 (prompted by Dipsy's hat!)
Ds2 - "car"

posieparkerinChina Sat 18-Jul-09 14:47:49

dc1 ba ra ra (his baby brother, very late talker!)
dc2 duck (9.5 months...) (he already said mama, dada, baba)
dc3 caca (big brother)
dc4 Ba bel (8.5 months... he's only said it twice, perhaps I'm just hoping!!)

posieparkerinChina Sat 18-Jul-09 14:53:49

that would be his sister.

saintlydamemrsturnip Sat 18-Jul-09 14:59:24

Mummy (aged 9) we're waiting for the second hmm. But still good choice of fist word.

Actually he did have some at around a year old but he lost them.

saintlydamemrsturnip Sat 18-Jul-09 15:00:36

rather embarrassingly I can't remember ds2 or ds3's.

Jojay Sat 18-Jul-09 15:03:24

'Harry' - the cat.

Then Daddy, then Mummy.

Nice to know where I lie in the pecking order in my house hmm

TwoIfBySea Sat 18-Jul-09 15:06:07

Dts1 aged 10 months - car (pointing to anything with wheels and occasionally me.)

Dts2 when aged 14 months - gabby gab (part of their twin speak, it ended up meaning something they weren't sure of.)

For ages they called everyone dude, male or female.

monkeyfacegrace Sat 18-Jul-09 15:12:54

My daughter was a late talker, and her first proper word was around 11 months, shoes! Like mother like daughter wink

thaliablogs Sat 18-Jul-09 15:17:53

Up! repeated endlessly once she got the hang of it, at about 8 months.

barnsleybelle Sat 18-Jul-09 15:19:14

zak (brother)

Jbck Sat 18-Jul-09 15:23:34

DD1 - proper clear as a bell word 'Lager' much to her Daddy's delight
DD2 - proper really clear word - hello

bruffin Sat 18-Jul-09 18:30:44

Ds - Hot ( i wasn't very good a judging the temperature of his food)

DD- shoes

Bleatblurt Sat 18-Jul-09 18:39:13

DS1- Daddy and Car

DS3- Mummy and Car

I think DS3 might be my favourite. wink

Wigeon Sat 18-Jul-09 19:06:06

I like "dude"! Might have to teach DD that!

megcleary Sat 18-Jul-09 19:08:00


Colonelcupcake Sat 18-Jul-09 19:33:13

hoo va (hoover)

paranoidpatsy Sat 18-Jul-09 19:42:20

ds - 'gight' (light)
dd - dar (star)

I honestly don't keep them in a dark cupboard most of the time, with occasional flashes of sunlight ....

Wigeon Sun 19-Jul-09 19:18:30

Ahh, that's quite romantic actually!

TwoIfBySea Sun 19-Jul-09 20:05:28

Wigeon, you need to remember to teach her the right pronounciation - not just "dude" but doooood. grin I don't know where they had gotten it from but once they had that they added words to it - so, for example, when my friend's ds was sad he was "crying dude." And so on.

They still use it sometimes now and they are 7 1/2! Dts2 came home one day talking about the dudes at school.

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