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Vaccines & Egg Allergy

(5 Posts)
TurtleAnn Fri 17-Jul-09 19:40:19

Has anyone got any experience of handling the immunisation programme if your child has an egg allergy?

DS had the 12-week meningitis jab last week and got a rash afterwards. After much speculation about excema DH mentioned he had an egg allergy when he was little and friend mentioned this might be related. I am off to get DS tested.

I am wondering which vaccines this affects and what the risks are. I know the MMR is one of the vaccines, but having the MMR done separately won't solve the problem because it is the measles part of the jab that has the egg protein.

At the moment I am all in favour of getting DS immunised regardless and giving him Calpol to handle to painful rash.

Rosieeo Fri 17-Jul-09 20:46:58

DD has an egg allergy, so does DH. DH is very allergic, pukes and is very ill if he eats egg, whereas DD tends to come out in a rash or complain that her lips hurt.

I dithered about the MMR (I didn't notice any ill effects from the first jabs) but decided to go for it and she was fine, no bother at all. Same for the booster. However, when DH had a jab with egg in it as a child, he had a fit.

As I understand it, only the MMR is cultured on egg, so if you're having the separate jabs any way it shouldn't be a problem. I'd be tempted to do what you said, give the jabs and dose him up afterwards.

Rosieeo Fri 17-Jul-09 20:48:14

Sorry, meant to say it may not be an egg thing, I think some kids do react to the jabs?

Cryptonomicon Wed 22-Jul-09 13:17:58

I looked into this as C has an egg allergy and the thought now is that MMR is fine (C had it with no problems) but that flu vaccines can be more problamatic and should be discussed with the doctore before vaccination.

As Rosieeo says, I think reactions from the jabs are quite common so not necessarily the egg thing.

shhhh Wed 22-Jul-09 21:41:32

you can have them minus egg. I know if you have MMR done seperatly then they do have ones that don't have egg as the ingredient. I know when dd and ds had single mmr we were asked if they had an egg allergy for that very reason.

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