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"good manners" that backfire and should be abandoned.

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lingle Fri 17-Jul-09 19:18:34

I would like to nominate three:

1. Never guiding or warning another child unless their mother has conducted a formal handover ceremony to you. Result: if I warn your child to get out of the way of approaching danger, said child is likely to turn around and say "No! You're not my Mum! very rudely.

2. Strained maternal recitations on playdates of "We must give X the first one because X is our GUEST". Result: your child stores up all the frustration until he/she comes to my house, looks at me and says "you have to give it to me because I'm your GUEST". Result: my husband and any other adult ignorant of what has gone before takes instant dislike to your child for being rude.

3. For the adults: the etiquette of never ever mentioning your plans for the evening/weekend if more than one but fewer than 100 other mothers have been invited. Result, all the Beta mothers invite me round to moan about how snooty you are. Please, it's ok to talk about it unless you have excluded just one or two of us in which case you are already rude and tact won't save you.

Any more?

sanae Fri 17-Jul-09 19:23:03

Beta mothers???

lingle Fri 17-Jul-09 20:01:05

sorry, Beta mothers are those who do not consider themselves Alpha mummies call themselves.

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