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Tantrumming over new shoes yet another battle ensues

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duvet Fri 17-Jul-09 10:32:13

Just bought dd2 3.5 new shoes from clarks, good as gold in shop having feet measured trying shoes on, settled on lovely pink pair of molly shoe. Get out of the shop to walk back to the car and the tantrumming begins, she's crying saying she doesnt want them on. She wont move pulling on my fingers. I stand there calm as can be and wait about 5 five minutes honestly without saying anything. I then explain her old ones are too small, she's hurting my fingers so i prze her off and so lets go home now, you can take them off in the car. She follows after still pulling and crying but at least moving, everyones glancing politely of course! Just wanted to vent that's all - I'm dreading school pick up now when she'll have to wear them again....just hope she gets used to them soon.....

girlywhirly Fri 17-Jul-09 13:32:06

I bet it wasn't even about the new shoes! More about having no choice whether she had new shoes or not. Ignore the stares, and the behaviour. Sometimes lo's don't even know why they complain. Mind you, if it's as wet and thundery where you are as here, she might have to wear wellies for the school run!

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