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14 mo age gap - how do I give baby enough time?

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nicetomeetyou Sun 12-Jul-09 08:46:26


I have a 16 mo old and 8 week old and things have been going ok but I am concerned about having enough time to spend with baby. I know they sleep a lot but the times she is alert I want to stimulate her and play with her but I have 16 mo with me all day as well and I want to ensure baby gets enough attention.

How do I make sure baby is safe and gets the opportunity to move around (and start to crawl when that happens) with another young child at home? DD1 slightly knocked baby a few days ago and I am concerned about having 2 together at the same time.

HecatesTwopenceworth Sun 12-Jul-09 14:34:50

There's 15 months between mine. They are now 8 and 10 years old.

I must be honest and say that I can't really remember all that baby stuff grin It passed in a fog! I don't think I had any great plans or anything, I just went with the flow. I think you can put too much pressure on yourself if you try to plan everything and schedule yourself.

When I brought ds2 home from the hospital the first thing ds1 did was poke him in the eye grin

They will bash each other about. You are not going to avoid that. You will do well to develop a relaxed attitude towards it, and step in only if there's real pain or bullying.

an 8 week old needs food, cleaning and a cuddle and not much else, tbh. Spend time with the 16 month old because jealousy will be your biggest problem! Don't leap on everything 16mth old does to the baby, or seem over anxious about him/her being near the baby.

Try not to worry. Babies are tough! And remember that your 16month old is also a baby! I know when I brought ds2 home, ds1 suddenly looked MASSIVE and it was easy to forget that he too, was just a baby.

Don't worry about them getting knocked either. Unless 16mth old comes after baby with a hammer, there's not really anything to be overly concerned about! grin

gembobs Sun 12-Jul-09 21:14:39

I also have 2 DC my DD is 22 months and DS is 6 weeks, my DD pokes, hits, pulls basically everything she can do she does, i try not 2 worry 2 much i just explain calmly that it hurts and she must apologize 2 him i.e gives cuddle or kiss.

Kids under 3 don't understand that wot they done hurts other paople.

Y don't u involve yuor 1st child in the play time or leave her 2 play alone 4 a bit while u entertain baby, that is wot i do.

Good luck.

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