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Toddler waking up so early!

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cupcake78 Sun 12-Jul-09 07:07:58

DS has justbeen put into his proper bed. He's only 21mths but is too big for a cot.

He's started waking up at 5 and getting up at 5 and there's no putting him back to bed. By 6.30/7 he's really grumpy etc and the rest of the day just seems to decline into a grumpy tired mess (for all of us!). He's never been a great sleeper and only started to sleep through at 16mths after waking up 4 times everynight!

I have tried the constant putting back to bed not speaking etc, which works at night but not in the morning or during the day.
DS refuses to now go and Nap some days as well. By the time it gets to 5pm he's falling asleep on the floor and keeping him awake till his bedtime 6.30/7ish, becomes really hardwork. If i put him to bed any earlier he justwakes up earlier, put him to bed later makes no difference.

DH is out the house for 12hrs most days and i'm trying to study on top of being a SAHM. I have tried to wear him out during the day but it only wears me out, ds can go forever more.

This morning I got into ds's bed with him and pointed out all the things he had to do, he has toys he can reach if he wants to play with them.

I need some help please ladies! I'm more tired now as I was for the 1st 6mths and believe me thats saying something sad

bigchris Sun 12-Jul-09 07:13:52

oh no!

maybe he is too young to drop his nap? could you take him for a drive after lunch or walk in the buggy to get him to sleep?

gingertoo Sun 12-Jul-09 07:27:29

Poor you - it's exhausting isn't it?
I agree with bigchris. Your ds is very little to manage all day without a nap. Ds3 is nearly 2 and he still sleeps for an hour every afternoon. After lunch we have a quiet time (story and cuddle) then I put him in his buggy with a beaker of milk and take him for a walk round the block - he's always asleep when I get back which gives me a blissful hour of peace grin It stops DS being grumpy late afternoon too.

Can DH get up with him every now and then to give you a bit more sleep?
DH and I take it in turns to have a 'lie in' on a Sunday morning (It's his turn today - Grrrr!) It's only once a fortnight but I lok forward to having an extra couple of hours in bed!!

plimple Sun 12-Jul-09 07:29:15

Hi, My 25 month old still has a nap from 1 til about 3pm and so do the other children I look after of a similar age. Your DS sounds as if he really needs a midday nap (and you need the time too!).
How to get him to sleep? Hard if he's not used to it, but if you're consistent he'll get it eventually.
My DD just needs a story in bed at midday and she'll go to sleep herself - if she's gone past the point of being tired and is grumpy and cross I tell her she's too tired for a story and she'll just stay in bed til asleep. Another girl I look after is pretty good at just having a story and then going to sleep.
A boy of 2.5 I looked after needed me to lie down at the same time and pretend I was going to sleep too - I think the sound of sleeping breathing helped him to make his breathing the same and sent him off. If he didn't get a sleep then he'd nod off while eating tea at 5pm so even if he told me he wasn't tired at 1pm or he didn't need a nap, I just agreed, but said for him to have a little lie down anyway.
Another boy of 22 months goes to sleep on the couch with a cushion and blanket and whatever black and white film is on at 1pm. I sit with him til he's asleep, he chats for a while and I just agree with him without getting too animated and eventually he drops off - I know his Mum takes him for a walk to get him to sleep.
My DD was having a 5am wake up so I told her to play with her toys before waking me up and shut her bedroom door. She would then play til about 6am before calling out and now her door is open she doesn't call out til 6/7 and even takes off her nappy to wee in the pot!
Good luck, hope you get it sorted.

TurtleAnn Sun 12-Jul-09 11:48:48

I am using 'Sleepsense' by M Faure & A Richardson. Its easy to read and has quick chapters at the back for 'quick relief advice' based on age of child.

They say 18-24 months, child still needs lunchtime nap and another nap and have advice about how to achieve this.

I rate the book, am finding it helpful and I rate the advice of an OT (one of the authors is an Occupational Therapist).

Good Luck

cktwo Sun 12-Jul-09 11:58:39

OP doesn't say whether or not she has blackout blinds up. Is his room too light?

bubblagirl Sun 12-Jul-09 12:06:50

could you move bed to 6pm see if he wakes at 5 my ds has always woken at 5 10 hrs is about right for some children maybe just move bedtime a bit earlier i found i had to readjust routine several times to suit

if you have blackout blinds etc then it may mean he just is an early riser 5 am isnt too bad in all honesty my ds even from baby has been 5 am riser

maybe put stair gate on his room and just let him play with toys until you are ready to get up

my ds gave up naps at 12 mths and did well we jsut moved everything an hour earlier dinner at 5 bed at 6 worked well

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