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What's the worst thing your baby has eaten?

(72 Posts)
lagaanisace Sat 11-Jul-09 21:30:35

I ask because we were in the garden today when DD took a handful of soil, bird poo and all, and shoved it into her mouth before I could react.blush

Looking back, though, I remember DS2 eating dog biscuits at his granny's house.blush

nickschick Sat 11-Jul-09 21:31:31

A slug <boak>

babyOcho Sat 11-Jul-09 21:33:54

DD loves a bit of mud. She waits and if she thinks we're not looking, she'll shove a load into her mouth.

whomovedmychocolate Sat 11-Jul-09 21:35:21

Flies, spiders, a bee shock and cat biscuits. All in one morning.

No ill effects whatsoever.

lagaanisace Sat 11-Jul-09 21:35:38

You'd think the texture if not the taste would put them off these things!

WhatFreshHellIsThis Sat 11-Jul-09 21:36:04

Poo. No idea whose, or how he got it.


NorbertDentressangle Sat 11-Jul-09 21:36:29

Cat sick

drinkyourmilk Sat 11-Jul-09 21:36:33

All i can offer is sand - but at only 8 mths there is time!

PacificDogwood Sat 11-Jul-09 21:37:18

Dried cat poo in the garden, retch!

<<never been a cat person grin>>

amisuchabadmummy Sat 11-Jul-09 21:38:01

Mud. ok, could deal with that.
Dead fly. yuck.
Seagull shit... that he scraped off the car with his fingernail. bleugh!

lagaanisace Sat 11-Jul-09 21:46:46

Any ill effects, folks? Coz, wow, if not, that's wonderfully reassuring!

Pingpong Sat 11-Jul-09 21:49:09

dog poo blush

dog biscuits shouldn't make the list !!!!

nickschick Sat 11-Jul-09 21:50:53

Ds3 ate a slug - properly bit it and chewed it but thankfully not swallowed all night he walked around with a wet flannel in his mouth saying i taste shlug sad, hed dropped a dish of grapes outside earlier and thought he saw a juicy big one in the semi darkness it was a slug!!

PacificDogwood Sat 11-Jul-09 21:50:56

No ill effects from cat poo, well not for DS (apart from crying with resentment when I prised it off him), cats get chased ever since grin!!

lagaanisace Sat 11-Jul-09 21:52:10

Well, they were out the dog's bowl!

littlelamb Sat 11-Jul-09 21:52:18

Ooo lots. We've found more than one sequin in his nappy. And a Sylvanian Families croissant blush

uberalice Sat 11-Jul-09 21:53:15

A dead fly.

whomovedmychocolate Sat 11-Jul-09 21:58:09

Oh and a 5p piece. We had no idea he'd eaten it till it turned up in his nappy. I (stupidly) rushed him to the GP who PHSL at us! hmm

JennyPenny22 Sat 11-Jul-09 22:10:36

Dry cat food. Several times

jennifersofia Sat 11-Jul-09 22:22:40

a bit of liqui-tab clothes wash shock (hadn't realized that there was one left in the box)
a bit of balloon.
No ill effect, thank god!

CherryChoc Sat 11-Jul-09 22:31:07

A hairball <boak> and he screamed when I removed it from his mouth hmm

SkyrosSister Sat 11-Jul-09 22:34:29

Half a stick of white chalk - I turned round and saw ds foaming at the mouth and nearly passed out. He was 4 at the time and old enough to know better.

If I am honest once I had got over the shock my main feeling was frustration that he had done it - this is the child that only eats approx 10 different foodstuffs and won't try anything new so I couldn't believe that it had occurred to him to eat it. I was tempted to give him a sticker on his food chart for trying something new grin

Oh and there were no ill effects whatsoever.

bedlambeast Sun 12-Jul-09 00:21:54

Message withdrawn

Pennybubbly Tue 14-Jul-09 06:23:03

Piece of soap.
Gravel. (Repeatedly).
A miniature Fat Controller
A piece of day old pasta found on floor blush (I do clean. Honest).
The wheel off a matchbox car (many times)
A piece of chewing gum that had crusted hard onto the pavement, but was surprisingly soft and elastic once he'd picked the crusty bit off with his fingernail.
Oh my god. I must stop here. He's only 18mths. What a list! blush blush

HuffwardlyRudge Tue 14-Jul-09 06:28:40


And chewing gum from under a motorway service station table.

Oh, and dd went through a licking stage and licked the door handle in a public lavatory among other things.

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