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i need suggestions for entertaing children at 4th birthday party

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booyhoo Sat 11-Jul-09 14:23:27

ds is 4 next sat and we are having 10 children round to the house for a dress up party. the children's ages vary between 2 and 6. we have a small back yard with a small trampline (the type with a handl that you hold on to and bounce) and one swing.

so i need suggestins for games to entertain the children for a couple of hours as im sure they will be very bored with so many in sucha small yard. also if the weather is bad they'll not be able to go out at all.

ive been thinking things like, pass the parcel and musical statues but that would last all of ten minutes. any tips would be great. TIA

KnickKnack Sat 11-Jul-09 14:54:27

Play music and let them dance around. we can get an hour out of this (could go longer if I let them). can be done indoors or out.

Bring out lots of his indoor toys, cars, trucks, figures etc, whatever you deem suitable. Most indoor toys are ok for outside.


balls/light footballs

They will probably spend most of the time "just playing" in the random way that small kids do

KnickKnack Sat 11-Jul-09 14:56:23

by "music" I mean Playbox, Barbie Girl, crazy frog, gummi bear blush
I have yet to come across a child who doesn't love/dance to this crap music stuff grin

Get it all on you tube.

bluejeans Sat 11-Jul-09 15:03:37

Get lots of balloons and they will play with them for ages (don't bother tying strings on them)

You could make (or buy) fairy cakes and icing and sprinkles and let them decorate their own - I've done this and it wasn't as messy as it sounds! You can buy disposable plastic aprons cheaply in Morrisons (not really necessary but makes it more fun for them)

I got a reduced price bubble machine in ELC recently - which would be good if you're outside

neversaydie Sat 11-Jul-09 15:15:15

Pass the parcel (with something inside each wrapper).
A mini treasure hunt, where you hide plenty of small parcels around the garden (I used little bubble blowing bottles).
Huge, light-weight beach balls to play with.

Balloons and music go down well as well.

And keep any food really simple (we over did it as it was DS's first party). If you are feeling really kind, check out fads beforehand.

MaybeAfterBreakfast Sat 11-Jul-09 15:27:22

Pass the parcel works well with that number (children get bored it it goes on for too long ime)

Dancing to music.

Quiet corner where they can do colouring or sticking.

Lots of balloons.

I really wouldn't bother with formal games. We were at a 4th birthday party a few days ago where the parents went to a lot of trouble with games but the children really weren't that interested. They'd rather just run around and yell a lot.

booyhoo Sat 11-Jul-09 18:04:59

thanks all, balloons definitely a winner then. thats given me loads to work on. thank u

dinkystinky Sat 11-Jul-09 20:22:08

If weather is nice, stick a paddling pool in back garden (a small one will do) with some watering cans and bubbles and will keep them entertained for hours (ask parents to bring suncream and towels and swimming stuff). Dont bother with an enormous one (we went for a Thomas one for DS1's 2nd birthday which took up the entire back garden! Never again) - a cheap and cheerful one is good. If the weather is rubbish, stick it indoors and fill with balloons...

Went to a 3 year old's party which had a brilliant game at the end of it - you string a sheet across a hallway, someone hides behind it and the kids go fishing - by casting some string with a peg on the end over the sheet - and the kids all caught their party bags and the contents for them that way. Kept them entertained for ages and sooooooooo simple.

dinkystinky Sat 11-Jul-09 20:23:13

Oh yes - another game is hide chocolate bars around the living room/downstairs (one for each child) and let them play hunt the chocolate.

booyhoo Sat 11-Jul-09 20:28:07

thanks dinky, sheet sounds like a great idea

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