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groan - another double buggy dilemma thread!

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ChasingButterflies Fri 10-Jul-09 13:19:54

DC2 is due in 3 months' time, on or around ds's 2nd birthday. Ds is a good - and adventurous! - walker but there's no way he'll be ready for a totally buggy-free life; he still naps in it and will need it for longer trips.
We have a loola, which we love, with the carrycot, car seat, etc, so I'm reluctant to splash out on a pricey new double. Dp will be able to do the ds-in-buggy, newborn-in-sling set-up, but I really can't (very dodgy joints, physio won't allow it!).
So... I figure the best solution is a not-too-expensive double, something up to £250-ish, for when they both need a seat.
(Plus I assume I could get a buggyboard for ds when using the loola as a pram for the newborn?)
Have seen a couple of possibles:
mamas and papas twin aria +
graco quattro tour duo
Any thoughts/suggestions?
Oh, the other thing to add is that ds is a HUGE boy - in clothes for a 3yo already. So nothing too dainty for him please smile

CherryChoc Fri 10-Jul-09 13:28:55

What is it you like about the loola - that will help with choosing a double

I have been looking for parent facing doubles, there is one on ebay at the moment which might go for under £250, it has one carrycot included too.

Listing here

ChasingButterflies Fri 10-Jul-09 14:22:48

Hi Cherrychoc, good question.

I loved having the carrycot and the option to fix the carseat on the loola when ds was little(r), and would like to be able to use that for DC2 with ds walking/on buggy board. But feels like it would be a waste of money - and space in our house! - to go for a double that does all that. Though I did linger longingly over that firstwheels one you linked to when I saw it on the John Lewis site!

Parent-facing is lovely, but I haven't come across any in my price range for doubles. And - I am a wuss, I know - I feel nervous about buying buggies second-hand...

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