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Hair pulling - mine not other LOs. How to wean LOs off doing things.

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monkeysmama Thu 09-Jul-09 23:59:33

Dd is 14 months. I am still bfing and she co slept for most of her first year. She is now in her own room but comes in with us when she wakes up at 5 for a feed. None of that is a problem.

What is driving me CRAZY is the hair pulling.

At around 3-4 months she started caressing my long hair when she fed and was going to sleep (she usually falls asleep feeding / in my or dp's arms), by 6 months it was holding my hair to sleep and over the past few months it has become more and more harsh. She now wraps my hair around her hands and pulls hard until bits snap. I know this sounds crazy but when I am knackered and she is crying and I will do anything for a nap I just cannot see a way out of it. At times I find myself bending over the cot with my hair so she can gently pull it while she falls back to sleep.

12 years ago I did a modelling campaign for Wella Italy & a decade later I have bald patches at the front of my head where dd's pulled my hair out.

Can anyone give me some advice on how to stop this behaviour. I need sleep but I also need my hair & scalp back.


monkeysmama Fri 10-Jul-09 10:35:25


Noone? sad

poopscoop Fri 10-Jul-09 10:41:33

you have my suympathies. All of mine did it and it is extrememly painful! They do just grow out of it, but you end up with rather thin hair for a while.

It is worst when they have tacky little hands and they will not let go, so out comes another handful. It may be best to scrape it back into a nanny macphee for times like this.

monkeysmama Fri 10-Jul-09 22:07:12

Thanks poopscoop

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