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Toddler experienced very frightening near death experience and I too am shocked!

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bumbly Thu 09-Jul-09 22:54:58

in laws cam to visit/baby sit

i have just done some diy and put new bookscases up

one ws left emtpy as this weekend was going to be fixed to wall before putting items in it

father in law put a toy out of reach from lo (why?? i sitll dont know!!!) on high shelf of this bookcase and toddler out of blue (an has never done this before) screams as bookcase comes hurtling down..he must have tried to climb bookcase...bookcase falls landing on opposite wall but all shelves came off and hit him though.

he is 23 months old and very impressionable

father and mother in law never let me see him today properly and keep saying he is well

i know he is def traumatised and was def wanting me rather than them

veyr heavy case that apperently did not touch him as landed on opposite wall of narrow room...but very vague details given to me...wall opposite completely damaged by bookcase pounding into it and needs redecorating..that could have been his skull!

i could see no bruising so i hope it is true but maybe incognito bump

sleeping now

lo very shaken and i am now

bookcase would have killed little one for sure if hit him as very heavy bookcase and i still cant beleive he was not hit but lied down in triangle between shelf and wall

how do i make him ok again...was a special bookcase all for him and now.....and all i keep hearing is thud then scream from upstairs...

NeedaNewName Thu 09-Jul-09 22:57:49

what do you mean they never let you see him today? He's your son how could they stop you.

If he has had a bump on his head he should be taken to the hospital just to put your mind at rest.

Still confused as to how they stopped you from seeing him properly

Hope hes OK

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