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Ds age 9 the subject of unrequited love - help!

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macherie Fri 03-Jul-09 23:28:20

Ds2 is 9, but a young 9. He is a very sociable guy, gets on great at school and teachers often remark that he is very considerate of his classmates and popular with both boys and girls. TBH girls are so far off his radar, he only ever has boys over to play, is football and rugby crazy, so fairly typical boy!

Dc got their hols on Tuesday, and that evening I got an e-card which was addressed to DS2 from a girl in his class, it said
'Hope you like the card, and me, love C' I said look Ds2 you got a card from C, he said , oh that's nice then went back out to the garden, pretty non-plussed.

I replied to her, saying thanks for the card, it was very nice of you to send it, hope you have a lovely holiday, from DS2's mum.

I thought no more about it, then this morning there was another, which said 'If you like the card then you have to like me. If not you get to decide, love C.

Then tonight another which said 'Do not say you do not like me because I really really like you'


I casually asked Ds2 about her after I got the second one, he says she is a very quite little girl, quite shy, an only child. Ds says a lot of the girls avoid her, but he doesn't know why as he thinks she's 'ok'.

What should I do - I don't want to upset her or hurt her feelings, but I think that's all a bit ott for 8/9 year olds. DS2 would be totally bemused if I told him what she was writing!


ingles2 Fri 03-Jul-09 23:34:17

Ah... there's a lot of this going on with the 9yr old girls you know... smile
My ds is also 9, again, not even slightly interested, he lives for football and football alone.
But you should see the girls in his class at the school disco, hanging on his arm, giggling at him, he stands in the middle looking totally idiotic, red faced and embarrassed.
Just tell your ds, such and such is leaving you messages and then leave him to it. This girl obviously has enough confidence to send them so I'm sure she'll be just fine

macherie Fri 03-Jul-09 23:45:25

Thanks ingles, didn't think we'd be dealing with this just yet! DS1 is 11 and still totally oblivious to girls!

This little girl just seems so quiet and shy, the last one in the class I would have expected to be doing this.

God, I am so dreading the teenage years.

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