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1 year old HATES bathtime

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chezie Mon 16-May-05 15:32:44

Any tips on getting my 1 year old to relax at bathtime, he cries and gets out of his safety seat so I end up bathing him while he is stood up trying to get out of the bath. I bath him with my 4.6 year old son and have toys in the water. He used to enjoy bathtime till recently. Maybe I should bath him alone... although I dont think it would make any difference.

Azure Mon 16-May-05 15:45:02

My DS went through a stage of hating baths at around the same age. It took him a long time before he would sit down again. I may be completely wrong, but I decided it was something to do with him having recently started to walk, and maybe feeling unsafe in the bath, particulary if it was slippery. Getting a decent bathmat helped, but it was a fairly slow process before he was happy in the bath again. I didn't insist on him having a bath and gradually got him used to going in again.

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