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ds gets really upset when friends have to leave

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booyhoo Thu 02-Jul-09 00:07:28

ds is almost four and for the past 2 months or so he has this thing where if he's paling with someone, even children he has met at the park and doesnt know, he will say "im going to miss you" and he'll come to me crying and saying that he's really going to miss them. he also does this with adult like my nana and other family members although not as much as when he's with children.

today he was playing with the little girl who lives two doors down and she went home to use her bathroom. a few minutes later he went to knock for her again and as she was coming out her dad arrived to take her somewhere. he started crying and shouting her name over and over as they drove away, her mum tried to calm him and explain that she would be back again but he was so upset, he ran back home to me in floods and told me what happened. the girl's mum was really upset that he was upset and came and apologised even though it wasnt anything anyone had done. he plays with this girl everyday and knows he will see her again the next day but each evening when i call him for the bath or her mum calls her he gets upset, starts crying and says he's really going to miss her. its teh same with other friends. but then 5 minutes later he is absolutely fine.

i dont know how to get him to see this is an inappropriate response to ending a game or leaving a friend. how do i explain things so he understands that its not the end of the game forever or that he will see his friend again. i have said all this to him, that there will be tomorrow, but he still gets upset every time.

its upsets me to see him like that.

booyhoo Thu 02-Jul-09 00:08:36

i meant playing not paling

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