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Sports Day Dilemma-Advice Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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whooosh Wed 01-Jul-09 21:15:55

DD (4) has her sports day tomorrow.
This evening she had a 2 hr meltdown which culminated in her sobbing for a further hour about how she is worried about the races tomorrow and she alsways comes last.She is almost certainly right as she has flat feet and struggles with running.It was heartbreaking to see a 4yr old so worried about this.

My first instinct was to say she didn't have to go as I just don't want to expose her to that sort of pressure/disappointment and upset.

However,will this just be storing up problems for the future?

Should I do everything I can to make her go and make light of it all (have already told her I always came last but it was fun etc) or do I keep her home??

Really don't know what to do-any advice/suggestions?

morningpaper Wed 01-Jul-09 21:26:10

Aw that's so sad

Is this totally out of the blue? How annoying that her teachers haven't picked up on it. Are you going to be there? Can you speak to the teachers in the morning and ask about it, and say that she doesn't want to do the running? I would try that and if they are arsey then just take her home. Life's too short for that sort of stress.

yomellamoHelly Wed 01-Jul-09 21:34:27

My ds's nursery sports day wasn't organised into races as such. There were teams of children and they just started running once the other child had finished. Most of the races had obstacles to do (putting on hats, scarves etc and navigating bollards and kicking a ball and doing the hulahoop, crawling through a tunnel and climbing over a box). There were also children from year 5 or 6 helping with kids who were overwhelmed by it all and failing all else the teachers and ta's jumped in.
So I guess I'd say take her along. She may enjoy it. Just let the teacher know.
Ds was delighted by the trophy sticker he got for taking part (and no he's not the best at sports!).

whooosh Wed 01-Jul-09 21:52:52

I think talking to the teacher is a good idea.They actually know she isn't good at sports (as they whispered over her head the other day after pracising)so hope they will support her.
I will be there (and XP hmm)<i just don't want her to feel "useless".
Of course everyone has to learn that losing is part of life but then again,she is only 4.

<<head spinning emoticon>>

morningpaper Wed 01-Jul-09 21:57:32

she is a baby!

tell her that you will be there and if she really doesn't want to do a race, she can sit out with you

and if she comes over to you, then just cuddle her and don't let those bastards near her them pressure her

whooosh Wed 01-Jul-09 22:32:05

That's my view MP-just know the "disapproving looks" which she will get. I don't give a shit monkey's but would hate her to be forced or leave her with a negative view of school going forward.

Oh God-maybe I just thnk too much.I think it is also becasue XP only left 3mts ag and she is still coming to terms with that....

morningpaper Thu 02-Jul-09 16:59:26

How did it go? Hope she is okay.

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