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help - I need inspiration for a great party theme - ds is 6

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hellsbelles Tue 30-Jun-09 21:07:10

DS gallantly agreed to postpone his 6th birthday party as I was stuck on bedrest (pregnancy complications). But now DD is here safely and nearly 5 months old and I still haven’t sorted out a birthday party for him. I'm such a rubbish mother.

I’ve asked him what he would like but he’s not sure. He loves star wars, magic, music, films.... It will be a party for girls and boys and I could do either a smallish one (10 kids) and take them somewhere special (we are based in London)…or a big one for the whole class if I rent a space. Anyone got any brainwaves…I really want to make it special for him. Have you had a party that’s gone particularly well that I could get inspiration from?

BiscuitStuffer Tue 30-Jun-09 22:03:07

As a kid I absolutely LOVED (as did all my friends), the traditional party games style of party. Infact - friends would say that they would make sure that we were still friends coming up to my birthday to make sure that they were invited that they were such fun.

Loads of raucous team party games with loads of noise and shouting birthday 'tea' and then a couple of quieter games and then go home.

IpeeFreely Tue 30-Jun-09 22:06:11

go kart party - fantastic and professional

hellsbelles Wed 01-Jul-09 08:48:49

thanks both - biscuit - you are right my DS would love a traditional one - I've been a lazy bones as I'm not a great multi tasker and the thought of entertaining the LO's while dealing with my DD sends cold shivers down my spine - but of course I can do it. But the go kart - that would be brilliant (as the entertainment is ready provided!). Thank you both so much.

helpYOUiWILL Wed 01-Jul-09 20:35:35

there is a website dedicated to starwars themed parties - heres an example.....

We have gotten some great ideas from this site and have used to plan two great parties this year. Thanks so much to everyone who contributes! We wanted to give ideas as well as take them, so here's our version of the Star Wars Party. Hope it's helpful! For the INVITATION, we used picture of our son dressed up in his homemade Boba Fett costume
with a caption that read Boba Fett is looking for you..." on the outside and "to join him at __'s 6th Birthday Party" along with party details on the inside. We noted that COSTUMES were welcome. For DECORATIONS we had a Boba Fett sign welcoming everyone as they came to our door and used Dark Side (black/red) and Light Side (green/blue) colors for our paper goods and balloons.

Our FIRST ACTIVITY was an Asteroid Hunt. While we waited for everyone to arrive each child decorated a bag with their name and a selection of space stickers (the glow-in-the-dark stars were the favorites). When they had finished decorating each child also got to pick a few stickers to put in their bag and take home. Once we had all of our guests I explained that our back yard had been struck by asteroids and we needed everyone to help find them. We had wrapped three items chosen by our son (a car a squirt gun and candy) in aluminum foil with color-coded stickers. Each child was told to find one green one red and one yellow. When they had found all of the "asteroids we set their bags aside for them to take home later as FAVORS. In addition to the bags, each child also received a Pool Noodle Light Saber--these were so cool and so easy to make! We bought regular sized pool noodles in light saber colors and cut them in half. We then made the ends look like handles by using a combination of duct and electrical tape. The light sabers were important because our SECOND ACTIVITY was Jedi Training. We tested our young Padawans with three events: 1) An obstacle course carrying light sabers to test balance/agility, 2) Keeping balloons in the air for as long as possible to test reflexes, and 3) A three-legged race to test teamwork. After their intense testing and training, we sent our new Jedi Knights on their final mission (ACTIVITY THREE): Destroying the Death Star! My husband drew a great Death Star on the driveway with chalk, and our Jedi guests destroyed it by throwing blue and green water balloons at it until it disappeared. All of this activity made our guests hungry, so we told them that if they were able to open the garage door using the Force, we would have SNACKS and CAKE. Star Wars theme music was playing when they came into the garage, and we had a quick ceremony to award each child his/her official Jedi medal. We made these with shiny scrapbook paper cut in circles with ribbon attached. The front of the medal" had a Star Wars sticker and the word JEDI on it. The cake had a Boba Fett cake topper and said "May the Force be With You__. Happy 6th Birthday!" We also served Dark Side Drinks (root beer floats) and Yoda Sodas (7-Up floats). Finally we opened presents by passing around a Thermal Detonator (small hamster ball filled with candy and treats covered with aluminum foil) to music--when the music stopped our son opened the present of whoever was holding the detonator. The last person to have his/her gift opened got to take the detonator home. One of the gift's was a Super Soaker so the party ended with a huge water fight (super soakers light sabers squirt guns and water balloons). We took a group picture of all the kids with their light sabers and later used the picture on Sam's thank you notes. We had a great time!"

hellsbelles Wed 01-Jul-09 22:02:09

oh my goodness - sounds fantastic, thanks helpyouwill - may have to save that idea for his 7th. I've already rung the go-kart company and he's very excited about it.

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