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Does anyone ever think that their toddler hates them?

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VeryAnonymousName Tue 30-Jun-09 00:47:04

I frequently feel that about my 20 month old DS.

He had a tricky first year with some health problems and i was not a happy person for much of his first year and a half. He is very clingy but also seems constantly reproachful towards me. I feel (childishly?) hurt and sometimes angry about this.

I should say that there are lots of times in between when he is cuddly and very sweet, but it changes in an instant.

I feel very, very guilty about the start he has had, and very sad about it all.

I wondered if anyone else could relate to this?

DidEinsteinsMum Tue 30-Jun-09 01:11:46

I had this. It does get better. With my ds his biggest problem was frustration and he found it easy to take it out on me. I was there all the time.

DOn't feel guilty about him having a rough start - unless it is having on going impact he wont remember. Besides, i suspect that you were not the cause of the health problems so feeling guilty isnt going to change anything and you have no reason to feel guilty.

Plus at 20 months he is heading into the terrible 2's. I suspect that this has a big part of responsibility in the "mood"/ behaviour swings. Its not personal -if it helps say out loud and repeat.

Hope you feel better about your relationship with dc soon.

VeryAnonymousName Tue 30-Jun-09 19:53:36

Thank you for your thoughts DidEinsteinsMum. I have only just seen your reply as i just missed you last night. I don't suppose you are there now.

Anyone else out there? I hope nobody feels this way, but on the other hand i admit it would be nice not to feel too freakishly unusual in this.

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