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Land Before Time - Sarah: "Treehorns dont play with LongNecks" - Putting racism on the agenda with kids

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QuintessentialShadow Mon 29-Jun-09 18:01:14

I was watching Land Before Time with my kids yesterday. There was a scene where Littlefoot were hiding in the bushes, seeing Sarah chase an insect, and she got splattered in the face. Littlefoot started laughing and wanted to play with her. Sarahs father came and said sternly "Treehorns dont play with Longnecks".

Littlefoot proceeded to ask his mum why this was so, and mum could not provide any other answer than "that is the way it is" and "we keep to our own kind"

At this point my 7 year old said "Just like we dont play with the black kids".


I was shocked to say the least, esepecially as I thought he were friends with two of the black children in his class. I was trying to explain we are all the same regardless of our skin colour, and we should all aim to play together.

However, I was very unprepared for this, as in London, which was a lot more multicultural, my son played with, and got along with children from all nationalities.

How can I best question his attitude?
I think I must bring this up with the school so they can put multi-ethnicity on the agenda.

DippyDino Mon 29-Jun-09 19:36:14

I agree, it sounds a sif your son has picked up on a negative herd mentality at school They need to take a look at where they are not challenging this.

Good luck, hope they are receptive!

TurtleAnn Mon 29-Jun-09 20:52:58

I agree, this is a school issue, it is part of the school curriculum. If you mention it to the teacher they should do a school assembly and encourage a freindship initiative.
But it is upto you to make an effort at home, try being especially nice to people, e.g. being polite on the bus to the driver, speaking to the shop assistant in Waitrose etc, just to make the point that we are nice to everyone regardless.

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