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how do you arrange playdates?

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scottishmummyofone Mon 29-Jun-09 10:28:10

Hi, I wanted some advice about arranging playdates, how to go about it etc...

DD is 16 months which you may say is too young for playdates but she's going to be an only and I really want her to have other kids to play with. Furthermore, as a full time working mum, I worry she 'misses out'.

She is looked after by her gran, who does take her to toddler group but mostly keeps her in her house/takes her to the park/shopping which doesn't really give her the chance to play with others. I've got to really push my mum to take her to new things but my mum argues me/my sister didn't need these classes!

There's nothing on at weekends, unless I want to drive for an hour into the city for a class that will only last about 1/2 an hour.

There is a mum of a girl of a similar age in our street who I chat to a few times and would like to invite her and her dd over but not sure how? None of my friends have children so it's for my benefit as well as DD's. I just don't want to come across as desperate or something.

Sorry for the long post, how do you deal with playdates? How do you ask/arrange? and deal with rejection?

willali Mon 29-Jun-09 11:00:27

Way too young to worry about this IMHO. Children of that age do not play together, just alongside each other IYSWIM - you should concentrate on going to groups where YOU will met other mums so that when they do get a bit older you will have a circle of people to call on for reciprocal playdates. If you can't do this due to work commitments spend your weekends at the local park / pool etc and chat people up - it's the only way really. As for your neighbour, just ask her next time you bump into her if she fancies a coffee. If she says no, don't take it personally!!

Good Luck, and please don'y woryy too much about the "missing out" - trips to the shops with Granny are thrilling in their won way

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