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Any ideas .... sunhats to stay ON ?

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PasstheGin Sun 15-May-05 13:08:09

It's glorious out there .... my dark haired DS is in his sandpit and his red headed DS (11months) is deperate to join in BUT I cannot for the love of Ben and Jerry's get her to wear her sunhat - even the one with strings. Does anyone have any tips please???????? She's crawling the walls - literally!!!

suzywong Sun 15-May-05 13:20:36

Sorry no tips at all

my fair-ish for a half chinese ds2 20mo refused to wear his various styles of sun hat for most of the Australian Summer, lord knows what's it's done to his skin. Towards the end he was able to understand "keep your hat on or we go inside" but it's bloody hard, maybe someone wise and eager to please will post on here

Hausfrau Sun 15-May-05 13:22:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

suzywong Sun 15-May-05 13:24:08

they can spot us Northern Europeans at 20 metres for hat negligence it is true Hausfrau

PasstheGin Sun 15-May-05 13:27:32

thanks ladies ... will keep on keeping on ... perhaps with superglue around the brim!!

chicca Sun 15-May-05 13:29:16

Another despairing non-hat-wearing mother. Getting seriously hot here in southern Spain and very fair DS won't wear hat either. Luckily I 'm not glared at as they obviously haven't heard of the risks here - barely any child has a parasol on his/her pushchair. The only way he will keep it on is permanent distraction or entertainment.

Somebody has got to invent something soon please..

Hausfrau Sun 15-May-05 13:31:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Chandra Sun 15-May-05 15:39:15

Oh no Chicca, they know about the risks, is just they don't accept them . My DH, as a child, used to spend the full summer living in a house by the beach. If you mention about the dangers of the sun, all the family says they were always under the sun and nothing happened! even my SIL who has skin cancer!

I just assumed that the tut-tut brigade is not as energetic there as itis in other parts of the world

Chandra Sun 15-May-05 15:41:03

BTW, the Supernanny books mentions two options to keep hat in place:

1) Using crazy glue

2) You put the hat on, they take it off, You put the hat on, they take it off,You put the hat on, they take it off,You put the hat on, they take it off,You put the hat on, they take it off,You put the hat on, they take it off,You put the hat on, they take it off,You put the hat on, they take it off,You put the hat on, they take it off,You put the hat on, they take it off,You put the hat on, they take it off,You put the hat on, they take it off,You put the hat on, they take it off,You put the hat on... and it stays there!

chicca Sun 15-May-05 15:54:41

Fantastic - she knows her onions that girl. I think I'll go with option 2.

Chandra, are you from this part of the world?

Louis (DS) doing well after fall but having his nap. Keep checking and poking him to make sure he's still ok!

natts Sun 15-May-05 15:54:43

I agree with c and supernannie,
Had the same prob at the begining of last summer with ds then aged 1.5 and by mid summer he got the message. I used the base ball caps which he hated and then i bought a fishing type one and although he didn't like it,It was more of a sucsess than the others. I know we shouldn't bribe our kid's[yeah right], but i also used to shove hat on and straight away take his hands and do a silly song or stick an ice lolly in and destract him from the hat for a while. It didn't always work but it did eventually. good luck.
failing that my ds is very blond and hasn't got a great deal of hair still. i plastered his head in sunblock, gross but effective.

Chandra Sun 15-May-05 16:02:12

Chicca,no, my husband is . Where in Spain are you?

chicca Sun 15-May-05 16:24:06

South west Andalucia, near Jerez de la Frontera.

Chandra Sun 15-May-05 16:29:26

I believe that SenoraApostrophe may live near to you. She is also in Andalucia.

How's baby doing, feeling better?

chicca Sun 15-May-05 16:34:20

Yes, she's over in Granada somewhere I think. He's doing fine. Woke up from his nap and is chattering away.........

Thanks for you help.

Chandra Sun 15-May-05 16:35:16

Good to hear that

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