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Is he poorly or just tired?

(8 Posts)
FabBakerGirlIsBack Thu 25-Jun-09 17:36:19

DS2 is 4 and napped today 11.50-1.20. Normally he naps 12.50-2.50 but I put him down earlier as he had his visit to school this afternoon.

He has barely eaten his fish and rice, left a chocolate cake and keeps asking to go to bed.

He has his pyjama top on and is sat with me under a blanket.

No talking, really quiet.

Feels warm.

littlelamb Thu 25-Jun-09 17:42:08

I'd say poorly. I'm amazed he still has a nap at 4 years old. I wish my dd did!

FabBakerGirlIsBack Thu 25-Jun-09 17:43:31

DS1 still napped when he started school. grin

He has perked up a bit now DH is home.

bubblagirl Thu 25-Jun-09 18:02:32

my ds gets like this in the heat and if tired he will hardly eat anything and gets real sleepy although will not sleep

could be getting a bug also lots going about

weegiemum Thu 25-Jun-09 18:04:05

My dd2 (5 and a half) fell asleep when she came home form school today (2nd last day before holidays)

She's knackered - I think that is all it is!

FabBakerGirlIsBack Thu 25-Jun-09 18:13:04

I suppose it is not like him to turn down a whole chocolate cake. Nor is it like him to ask to go to bed at 4.30pm.

weegiemum Thu 25-Jun-09 18:21:16

Have you tried giving him some Calpol and seeing if he perks up in half an hour? Especially if he feels hot?

FabBakerGirlIsBack Thu 25-Jun-09 18:27:51

He hasn't got a proper temp, nor has he complained of pain so no Calpol but I think he will be okay with a good sleep. He hasn't really moved from my side but has had some milk.

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