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Awful tantrums, pushing, hitting, throwing things

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BeccyCat Thu 25-Jun-09 00:22:15

Thats just being 2, am I right? My parents seem to think I'm doing things very wrong. DH and I are saying to DS very firmly that this is wrong, and we get back a hug and sorry (think taught by nursery) and would rather he would learn that its wrong and not the pavlovian sorry response. We are trying on this. Our parenting is lots of love, lots of trying to teach don't do it again and why, but my own family are saying DS is running wild, needs a firm hand. I think, none of your business unless we ask you to look after him, which we don't.

strawberryplanter Thu 25-Jun-09 01:46:32

Nothing worse than a spoilt child getting away with murder, nothing worse than parents who think a good hard slap is the answer!

I think it depends how you reprimand tbh. Do you use a firm tone of voice when he's misbehaved or a soft one?

We used the porch as a place to banish our naughty ds, or back in his car seat (if out) if after 3 attempts his behaviour continued badly. He was warned too and it was used as a last resort. But it really worked, we would then cuddle him after he'd said sorry.

Now he knows the consequence of unacceptable behaviour and tantrums are few and far between. He never pushes, hits or throws things as they would be 'unacceptable behaviour' and he would not like the consequence of such behaviour so doesn't do it.

If your ds does something unacceptable and then gets rewarded with a cuddle what is exactly the motivation not to do it again?

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