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Sleep and night waking?

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TurtleAnn Wed 24-Jun-09 13:51:52

My 9-week old DS is starting to sleep better at night and I want to encourage this, should I wake him?

He takes is last feed at 10.30 and then sleeps until 2.30am. He doesn't wake at this time, he enters a stage of restless agitated sleep - eyes closed, very fidgety, snuffling sounds but not cries or crying.
I usually wake him gently at this point and feed him as little as I can to put him back to bed (60mls). He resettles easily.
He then wakes again at 5ish with the same restlessness but not wakeful cries. I see to him again with about 50mls and he resettles easily.

In the morning he wakes at 7am with us and lets us know he is awake with cries and coos but not crying.

Now, some would say I am lucky as he rarely cries, but DS has always been a sleeper, it landed him back in hospital in the early days as he didn't wake for feeds. His feeding is on track now and he takes adequate feed during daytime hours, letting me know clearly he is awake and hungry, and doesn't seem to need night time feeding now.

Would you wake him? or would you leave him to teach self-soothing and only see to him if he actually cries out (not crying) or coos to show me he is awake with a need?

Boys2mam Wed 24-Jun-09 21:18:32

He sounds as if he's doing everything perfectly on his own. Why do you feel the need to wake him?

TurtleAnn Thu 25-Jun-09 17:11:01

I used to wake him for feeding, when he needed to feed every 4 hrs (Dr's orders) in the early days - but his feeding is fine now and he takes his full quota of formula in the day now.

I guess it is 50% my habit and 50% his snuffling is so noisy.

So yu would leave him and wait for eyes open, cries out?

BarrelOfMonkeys Thu 25-Jun-09 17:30:44

Tbh, what I would do is whatever means you get most sleep! If listening to your DS snuffling keeps you awake and you know a short feed will settle him again, I'd do that. I doubt at 9 weeks the sleeping pattern will stay the same for long anyway. <remembers joy of 4 month sleep regression stage>

Boys2mam Thu 25-Jun-09 20:02:05

Exactly what BOM says - I would never be able to get back to sleep with a snuffler, I would feed him knowing it would settle him. They change so much and 9 wks is still teeny. I had a perfect thr' sleeper til bloody teething started and now at almost 10 months we're getting back into some sort of pattern again.

Good Luck x

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