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13th month old with MRSA

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Monsy Tue 23-Jun-09 15:57:36

We have just found out that a boil our 13 month old son has is MRSA. I, in fact, had this for 8 months and suffered from terrible boils until I managed to eradicate it in January through antibiotic ointment and pills. I must have passed it on to him and it lay dormant in him all that time.

He isn't ill though and the doctor has given him antibiotics and we have been told to put ointment in his nose and wash everything all the time and that eventually it will just go. But I have been reading about Manuka honey and its antibacterial benefits for MRSA. Has anyone had a baby with MRSA and successfully eradicated it using the honey - or anything else?? We are so upset and I just want to get rid of MRSA for good. Thanks, Monsy.

Monsy Tue 23-Jun-09 16:19:01

I think i should put this on the health board so I am moving it. Thanks

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