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Any thoughts on car seats for Nanna?

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katek Tue 23-Jun-09 09:47:59


I have two grandchildren, both tall 3's and over 42lb. I had been using a quite substantial-and cumbersome- Britax car seat when they were little, but recently acquired a Graco Junior Maxi as they're big enough to use it. It's a fantatic lightweight seat, easy to take out of the car if I need to. It is fairly upright-although it does recline slightly- but there's no real problem with them sleeping in it as we generally do shorter trips so they're awake.

That's the plus side, but my concern is that the seat is so light with very little padding that I'm worried as to how safe they would be in an accident. I know I'm not doing long runs, but I believe that the greater number of accidents actually occur within 1 mile of home. It's particularly noticeable when I see their own car seats which are super fantastic all singing Recaro seats with enough padding for a racing driver. They look so much more protected. Am I worrying for no good reason-obviously the Graco seat must meet all the safety requirements or it wouldn't be on sale - or should I spend some more and buy a more substantial seat? Or is it just my perception????????

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