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Windy baby

(4 Posts)
mrsjuan Mon 22-Jun-09 16:19:54

My 5 week ols DD seems to really struggle with wind. She is breastfed on demand but seems to be really uncomfortable for ages after each feed & keeps waking herself up with little jerks of pain.

We are using infacol which does seem to get her to do a bigger burp but there still seems to be loads of wind left in there!

It is getting me down a bit as all I seem to do is feed her and wind her. She is rarely happy - we get a few 5 minute windows throughout the day where she is smiley and cooing but most of the time she is struggling.

She will settle in a sling or in the car but usually wakes up as soon as I lie her flat in her pram, moses basket, changing mat etc.

The only thing that seems to settle her is a dummy but I am reluctant to use it much because I don't want to interfere with th breastfeeding. She is only tiny (5lb7 at birth and 6lb5 now) so although she is putting on weight she isn't exactly packing it on like some babies seem to.

Please tell me it won't be like this forever and that I will be able to enjoy her a bit more soon!

Wonderstuff Mon 22-Jun-09 22:08:10

It won't be like that forever. My dd was awfully windy. I actually didn't think it was wind for a few weeks at my midwife told me bfed babies don't get wind!! Everytime I put her down she was sick and woke up unless she was really well winded. Such a nightmare because you never know if they have got it all up do you? No magic answers, but get a good sling! My dd started getting better at 12 weeks and was sorted by 14.

shish Tue 23-Jun-09 09:02:10

Try putting her moses basket on a slight incline so she's not completely flat. This seemed to help both of my ds's.

heverhoney1 Sat 27-Jun-09 21:24:56

My little girl is bottle fed but had much of the same issue. Last week we discovered Colief on the advice of a lady who works in our local pharmacy - I now have my baby back!!! its a faff, and I imagine would be even more of a faff with the breastfeeding but it has helped her loads. It has even helped her digestion (TMI but she now has soft yellow poo rather than it often being green and only once a day)

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