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Sleepover for 8 year olds

(2 Posts)
tummytickler Mon 22-Jun-09 13:01:20

Hello all!
done a million times before, but anybody have any good activities for a sleepover?
It is not overly long.
There will be my dd and 3 girls , and my ds(6)!
They are arriving at 6pm and i have set bedtime for 10pm (very late for dd as she is in bed 7.30 - 8pm usually).
We will put a film on at 8ish with popcorn, and possibly make some pizza. I will do fruit coctails in wine glasses with a sugar rim.
Dh will not allow makeovers at all, not even nails.
What the hell else can i don with them???
It must also be cheapo too!

All ideas gratefully recieved (they are being picked up at 10 am in the morning so quick brekkie and home hopefully!)

emkana Mon 22-Jun-09 13:11:41

Some kind of craft activity? In Tesco they do a set for making little bags, enough in there for a whole group.

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