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Help please! How many minders can a toddler take?!

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MammaMeMe Sun 21-Jun-09 21:17:17

As a working Mum (4days a week but maybe 5 soon to keep my job), I searched for Mary Poppins to mind my DD (2 yrs old). She is a wonder but we both think DD would benefit from going to a nursery - sociability, manners, company, etc. My big q now is whether having a nanny for 3 days, nursery for 1, me for 1 and me and DH for 2 is just too much?!!

hocuspontas Sun 21-Jun-09 21:20:22

If you and the other carers are taking her to a toddler group or similar and see friends I wouldn't worry about the social side.

hester Sun 21-Jun-09 21:24:39

I don't know. My dd (now 3) is cared for by me 2 days, me and dp 2 days, dp only 1 day, her biological dad 1 day and her gran 1 day. She also goes to pre-school four mornings a week.

It's a lot of different people. And I do think there have been disadvantages: lack of continuity, everybody spoiling her etc. But overall, I think the advantages to me (free, flexible childcare) and to her (growing up within a tight circle of people who love her, never having to be cared for by strangers) are considerable.

hester Sun 21-Jun-09 21:25:21

I did only start pre-school at 3, though. I'm not sure I see the need for sociability and company before that.

MammaMeMe Sun 21-Jun-09 21:34:19

She goes to a couple of classes but doesn't really get to know the other kids and has just started throwing tantrums when any child comes over and plays with her things - turning v unsociable!

Allegrogirl Sun 21-Jun-09 21:35:25

My dd is cared for by nursery for a day and a half and my parents for 3 mornings and dh for 1 afternoon. Dh works shifts so is in and out at different times. DD is very happy and adaptable and loves all the activity and company. She is very outgoing though.

hester Sun 21-Jun-09 21:54:53

Not sure that counts as turning v unsociable, MammaMeMe - it sounds like turning 2 to me! But you know, it is all about what works for your child and your family - see how well it suits her.

MammaMeMe Mon 22-Jun-09 08:29:43

thanks all - she definitely turned two!

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