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Quick question - temperature of the baby's room (pfb.....)

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Newb Sat 20-Jun-09 08:34:34

So my lovingly purchased room thermometer tells me the baby's room should be 18 degrees all the time. Here (we live abroad) the temperature is about mid twenties most nights with windows open, DH and I have a fan in our room otherwise it'd be too hot for us.

Should we get a fan for the little one's room (she's due in a few weeks when I guess it'll be hotter) or a mobile airconditioning thing. Is she OK in the room with us with a fan going? And presume she'll just sleep in a vest when it's hot, with maybe a thin sheet over her?

Thanks for words of wisdom. So many things to worry about for the first time parent .....

Mummy2710 Sat 20-Jun-09 08:45:08

Hi, I live in the UK and my little ones room gets really hot even now as its quite small. The room temp always says 24 to 28 and I have a fan in his room. I turn it off when I got to bed at 11pm. He sometimes just sleeps in a vest. He is 20months so a bit older than your baby will be but I did use the fan last summer also when he was smaller. I put it in the corner so it would just circulate the air a bit. I don't know anything about air conditioning things! Good luck but don't worry too much.

I remember when mine was born in winter and it was freezing cold at night and I didn't know how many blankets I should put on him to keep him warm so I called the late night midwife line to find out! Perhaps ask your local midwife/health visitor what you should do given the country you are living in maybe.

woodstock3 Sat 20-Jun-09 20:01:47

bear in mind it's often easier to reduce coverings on baby than room temp - if it gets too hot she can always sleep in a nappy frankly. also that temp when she goes to bed will not always be that high all night (it gets much cooler in the middle of the night). will she be sleeping with you in your room? if so dont need to worry about a fan for her room until she's moved out by which time she'll be older and temperature will not be such a huge concern.

sausagerolemodel Sat 20-Jun-09 20:10:53

we have a mobile electric fan tower thing and the white noise really helps her sleep as well.

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