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Anyone else doing the primary school first visits?

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tulip27 Wed 17-Jun-09 21:16:25

My ds had his second one today and I felt so uncomfortable, the other paents all seemed to know each other, I couldn't think what to say and my son refused to play with anyone. It felt awful.

saggyjuju Thu 18-Jun-09 10:01:38

i dont have a clue where the classroom is yet and its in the grounds of my daughters nursery! dont worry about it,everything will fall into place,my daughter was so keen to go over to big school last week on her first visit and yet we still had 2 nights of disruption and even a bed wet after the event. i didnt mention anything this week just got her uniform out for her and things were good this time,i am friends with alot of the mums but my daughter is in a class with the morning children who i havent a clue about and i think there is only a couple of the afternoon children going into her class,so i wont know anyone,but i didnt when she started nursery so just think of it as a way to expand all of our frindships,hope all goes well wink

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