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Imaginary Friend?

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Claire2009 Tue 16-Jun-09 20:57:31

Dd : Mummy there's a man at the end of my bed.
Me : No there isn't, go to sleep.
Dd : There is, it's Eddy
Me : Ok, now go to sleep
Dd : But Eddy is there...hmm


Oh, and "Eddy" is 2yo, purple t shirt, brown trousers hmm

KidsTunes Tue 16-Jun-09 21:10:23

Our DD#1 has a whole army of imaginary friends. The main one is Anio, he's been around for years. He currently lives in a whistle she owns (his previous homes include a roadsign nearby and inside her arm "with all the bones and blood") with his wife Sarah (who used to be a monster but now is half woman half pig).

At one stage the big bad wolf killed him and I actually found myself feeling sorry for him. But then he came back to life

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