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What do I need to take 14 month old swimming?

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lucysnowe Tue 16-Jun-09 09:29:09

Hi all

I didn't take DD swimming when she was v. young and now am wondering what I need now she's a bit older. This sounds a bit stupid, but does she need a swimming cossie or can she go in just a nappy? What about arm bands etc? Is it okay just to go to the local children's pool or would lessons be better?


TurtleAnn Tue 16-Jun-09 09:44:56

We took DS swimming last week and he is 8-weeks old. The pool was heated and not very deep. He wore Huggies Little Swimmers nappies under his Mothercare Swim Trunks. I heard from another mother that if DS poops in the pool it can close it for 3 weeks while it is cleaned, so best go with a nappy and cossie.

As far as the lessons go, it really depends on your confidence in the pool. DH and I are very confident swimmers and we sail too, so the water is more of a home to us than land. If you feel confident about taking DD into the water to play and get used to it, then you don't need to pay for lessons until you are sure DD wants to/ is ready to learn to swim. But if you don't feel confident, lessons will help you not to pass on your insecurities about being in the water and help her feel safe from a confident swim instructor.

Arm bands are controversial. I am a confident swimmer and feel that taking DS early, building his confidence in the pool and helping him enjoy playing and splashing while teaching him water saftey will all mean that I won't need swim aids like arm bands and floats. However, if you are not so confident and your heart will skip a beat every time DD puts her head under the water, arm bands may help you feel more secure and pass on your confidence to DD. They are not essential for playing or swimming and can be a hazard if used incorrectly, read the packaging before putting them on DD.

Good luck and happy splashing, the weather is great for this at the moment. x

lucysnowe Tue 16-Jun-09 10:00:22

That's very useful, thanks! I am a confident swimmer but obviously don't know what DD will be like - maybe thrash around like a mad girl or want to stand on the bottom or something. I wondered if arm bands might make her a bit more sedate. grin

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