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My patience is wearing thin tonight

(9 Posts)
Saltire Sun 14-Jun-09 22:18:06

DS1 has been up and down the stairs endlessly, saying his tummy is sore. Just recently he has been ahving a lot of disturbed sleep - unsettled, crying out etc, and I got him into bed by 8.30. He's still awake, ahving had calpol and has a hot water bottle on his tummy and says he ahs had diarohhea.
DS2 told me about 2 hours ago that he ran into a lampost and hurt his head earlier today. Now the thing with DS2 (and flame me now, I'm past caring TBH) is that he doesn't like it one bit if DS1 gets attention, and if he thinks there is the slightest chance that A) DS1 will end up in my bed B) DS1 will be off school tomorrow then he'll play on it. he is a darmatist. A small trip tunrs into a huge drama, a tap on the leg turns into a huge drama
So far this wekeend he has fallen off a climbing frame and hurt his shoulder which does have a huge bruise on it. Then he was fightint with his brother and hurt his leg, then he got his leg trapped in teh door - his own fault. Then the lampost thing.
They are upstairs having a bloody competition to see who can wail the loudest. I am tired, I am sore, I ahve a headache and I want to go to sleep, but no if I go up they start wailing again and arguing over who is in the most pain and wanting in my bed. It has taken me 1 1/2 hours to iron 2 polo shirts, 2 pairs of trosuers and 2 sweatshirts becasue of the interruptions.

Doodle2u Sun 14-Jun-09 22:35:29

Let them both in to your bed and then you sneal in to theirs? grin

I'd have shouted blue murder at them by now and told them if they make one more noise, all clubs, parties and playdates are cancelled indefinitely.

Doodle2u Sun 14-Jun-09 22:36:05

sneal hmm - new word!

I meant sneak into their bed!

Saltire Sun 14-Jun-09 22:37:31

We are all tired. DS1 is an early riser anyway, and Ds2 is jsut well, he's DS2. Both are sleeping finally so I can go to bed now. I need my bed

Northernlurker Sun 14-Jun-09 22:43:05

Tip for next time - ask them if their kidneys (or internal organ of your choice) hurts? Using of course a very concerned fluffy mummy tone. If they are putting it on they will say 'yes' and wail more - unless your child is a medical genius they won't actually know where said organ is and you can smoke out the fibs! A child who is really ill will just burst into tears because they feel awful and don't know what you are talking about!

Saltire Sun 14-Jun-09 22:44:10

Here we go one of them is up again

blinks Sun 14-Jun-09 22:58:13

this calls for bribery.

first one to fall asleep gets xxxx

runner up gets xxxx

dilemma456 Sun 14-Jun-09 22:58:37

Message withdrawn

FairLadyRantALot Sun 14-Jun-09 23:03:07 dynamics, eh...I mean, we tend to know what is going on, but it is difficult to stay objective when it is your own family...

with your ds1, I would follow up...see if there is a reason for his night time behaviour....could be as simple as having watched a scary scene on tv...could be bullying/....or just attention seeking...but probably best to check it out....

with the other one, give loads of attention, I mean overdo it literally and see if it changes anything...

not much help, sorry...but sounds like you are keeping it together better than I would....

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