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Feel bad / worried about DS spending a night away from us in preparation for me having new baby- any advice?!

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ilikeyoursleeves Fri 12-Jun-09 21:48:54

I'm 34 weeks PG today expecting DS2. DS1 will be 21 weeks by the time little brother arrives. I'm feeling a bit worried (ish) about having to leave DS when I go into hospital to have the baby. The plan is for DS to stay overnight at his aunties (DH's sister) seeing as we might be in hospital overnight having baby like last time. DS has never ever stayed away from us and although he has had babysitters he has always been put to bed by one of us and woken up in his own room at home. But this time he'd be put to bed by SIL and wake up there without us and I am feeling sorry for him in case he wakes up all scared! He knows SIL fairly well (sees most weeks) and loves his big cousin so I don't know if these are just my own worries?

Anyhoo I have my work night out for me going on mat leave on the 26th June and DH is also out that night so when we asked for a babysitter SIL offered to do a 'trial run' for DS to stay over at hers. I know it's prob a good idea but I'm not looking forward to it for some reason! I just worry how DS would be if he cries or something or wakes in the morn and mummy or daddy arent there! Any advice from anyone? Or am I being a silly hormonal mummy?

GoodGrrrlGoneBad Sat 13-Jun-09 06:05:32

I assume you mean he'll be 21mths, not weeks?!

It's nothing to stress over, and i'm sure he'll be fine. When i had DS2 my step MIL came and got our DS1 out of bed in the early hours and took him to her house. He was 16mth at the time, and doesn't seem to be mentally scarred as far as i can tell!

It'll probably be an adventure for him, and he'll probably be spoiled rotten aswell.

Enjoy your night out, be glad that you have such a nice supportive SIL, and good luck!

ilikeyoursleeves Sat 13-Jun-09 21:13:06

Oops yes 21 months!!!!!!

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