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evejo Thu 11-Jun-09 20:42:14

I have 3 kids. 14, 12 and 8.
Me and my hubby have split early this year. I have made the mistake of always letting the kids off doing chores etc and now it has backfired cause now i need them to help me they think i will let them off. I know its my own fault but any ideas as to how i deal with the lazyness and attitude i get cause it is driving me to the end. We have huge rows cause i have asked them to bring their washing down or to empty the dishwasher. I also know that a lot of you will say they are typical teens but i cant let them get away with doing nothing. Do i do nothing? no washing ironing except my own etc etc.(blush)

Ivykaty44 Thu 11-Jun-09 20:44:48

Stop - don't ask for there washing and it is really not nice having to eat from tea saucers!!

Let it all pile up for about a week or two wink and see how they like it - often the message is much louder when they have to wear dirty clothes and are having tiny portions at tea time.

evejo Thu 11-Jun-09 21:13:09

All 3 are special needs...learning difficulties. My eldest will just fly at the slightest little thing. Becomes violent at times but only to inanimate objects! The middle one steals and then lies when she is caught. I have even contacted the police because although at the moment it is stupid stuff i am really concerned that she will end up shop lifting. The local cops have been round and talked to her but she still does it. I am at my wits end. All this has been happening since before me n my hubby split Worried my youngest will see this behaviour and copy it.

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