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What are you calling your daughter's fanjo?

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cheeseycharlie Wed 10-Jun-09 22:30:24

I was brought up with 'fanny' but that grosses people out these days. Lots of friends use 'nunny' which grosses me out.

What is the girl equivalent of the word 'willy' - what are you all using with your DDs?

mammablueeyes Wed 10-Jun-09 22:31:30


mrspnut Wed 10-Jun-09 22:32:12

We use minky, and always have done. Some household items are a source of great amusement in our house.

Our youngest though is convinced that she's a boy and won't have it any other way.

snickersnack Wed 10-Jun-09 22:32:38

We use front bottom. Which isn't ideal in many respects, but at least has the merit that everyone knows what she's talking about. I have tried to get her to use vulva but it makes her giggle and dh cringe.

VinoEsmeralda Wed 10-Jun-09 22:33:00

Miff Miff or recently I went down the official vagina route but DC turn that into china which sort of suits me grin

christiana Wed 10-Jun-09 22:33:27

Message withdrawn

Octothechildherder Wed 10-Jun-09 22:34:15

My boys have taken to calling mine (close your ears if easily offended) a p*ss hole - obviously we have had very strong words about this esp as they are 6 and 7, but it does concern me what they say at school to girls and where on earth they got it from???!!!!

I realise I am an adult but am watching closely as to what I should get them to call it! Nippy is good grin

Ooh its a bit nippy down there grin

whomovedmychocolate Wed 10-Jun-09 22:34:38


Only kidding, DD has decided it's her 'foof' (her word not mine). She's nearly three so she's quite into naming things. He pet spoon 'Earnest' still has me puzzled though. grin

Octothechildherder Wed 10-Jun-09 22:35:31

THere is no way I am introducing the word vulva into a house of boys!

snickersnack Wed 10-Jun-09 22:36:17

Why not? Surely better than piss-hole!!

vodkaandcoke Wed 10-Jun-09 22:37:20


Toffeepopple Wed 10-Jun-09 22:37:48

DD calls hers her "privates"

hellymelly Wed 10-Jun-09 22:41:24

Foo-foo,although they know that is a pet name and that it is a vulva.My dd's nickname is Minky! I had no idea that was used for vulva!

Octothechildherder Wed 10-Jun-09 22:42:17

snicker - you're right - it won't embarrass me - better they get the right name! grin

EccentricaGallumbits Wed 10-Jun-09 22:43:08


LaurieFairyCake Wed 10-Jun-09 22:43:11

Vagina, vulva, clitoris, urethra.

Chuffinnora Wed 10-Jun-09 22:44:13

Lulu - with apologies to the small Scottish singer.

alittleteapot Wed 10-Jun-09 22:44:33

I found this really hard. dd (nearly two) still calls it her bum as we were generic for ages, but as she's now got interested in willies it was time for a proper name. I sat on the fence and told her it was a fanny or a vagina. She called it a sunny (she pronounces 'f's as 's's) which I quite like. I don't think there is an equivalent of willy, unfortunately. I think fanny comes closest but can't say i really like it.

isittooearlyforgin Wed 10-Jun-09 22:44:56

friends of mine called it Noo Noo which was hugely amusing when watching Teletubbies. We call it Bits but I really like Miff Miff!

simpson Wed 10-Jun-09 22:45:59

have read this with interest as Ds's current obsession is where DD (16mths) wees from?? shock

It came totally out of the blue and I haven't really answered the question so need to think of a name quickly!!

Sorry, but LOL at piss hole grin

myredcardigan Wed 10-Jun-09 22:51:10

We say foof. Friends uses muff, minky, foo-oo.

Fanny would be a good equivalnt so it's a shame it's got nasty connotations.

Tortoise Wed 10-Jun-09 22:51:31

Foo foo sometimes but mainly vagina or vulva. DD1 loves to sing 'I've got a vagina, vagina, vagina! lol!

simpson Wed 10-Jun-09 22:52:45

am quite liking china TBH as it can be altered to vagina when Dcs are older iyswim

saintmaybe Wed 10-Jun-09 22:52:55


I always reply to these threads.

cheeseycharlie Wed 10-Jun-09 22:55:22

LaurieFairyCake I admire your honesty but cannot see myself getting into explaining about the clitoris until she is a LOT older!!!

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