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quick question for sling users

(6 Posts)
mrsjuan Tue 09-Jun-09 20:34:34

I've ordered a wrap sling thing for my 3 week old daughter and am very excited by the prospect of having my hands free and being able to take my poor neglected dog out for decent walks!
However so far DD has not been too bad at napping in her pram during the day as long as she's alseep when we put her in it and sleeps for a few hours at a time in her moses basket at night (eventually!)
I'm worried that she'll enjoy being so close and snuggly so much that she won;t want to be in her own bed any more(even though it's right next to ours). I'm really reluctant to co sleep at the moment as she's tiny (5lb 12 at last weigh in) and our bed is quite soft and squishy so I don;t think it;s safe at the moment.
Hmm - not so quick after all but in a nut shell - do your carried babies sleep ok in their own bed/ basket etc. I'm not expecting through the night obviously but the current 3 hours would be great!

Mij Wed 10-Jun-09 11:33:21

That's a difficult one mrsjuan cos, as I'm sure you've probably been told many times, they're all different! At the moment your DD will sleep in two different places - pram and moses basket. This, I feel is a good omen. My DD would only sleep while attached to one us, from day one. I also know lots of carried babies who were very adaptable in where they slept (although I think all babies go through phases, often associated with growth or developmental spurts, when they prefer to be held).

You could introduce just one sling outing a day to start with, and see what happens. If you're worried, you could work on associating the sling only with trips out, and maintain a pram sleep and the moses basket for night sleep, as long as it's all still working for you.

good luck!

tostaky Wed 10-Jun-09 17:42:18

Ive used a sling from the very beginning and my DS was fine sleeping in his mose basket too...

drowninginclutter Wed 10-Jun-09 17:47:23

DS used to end up having almost all his daytime naps in the sling but had no problem going in the moses basket/cot at night. Lately he is probably in the sling a lot less and asking to come into our bed at night a lot more. I don't think the 2 are related though.

mrsjuan Wed 10-Jun-09 17:52:07

Sounds good then. She is pretty good and will sleep anywhere when she's actually asleep(usually falls asleep either when breastfeeding or after a bit of winding if I give her a cuddle. She's got her days and nights completely round the wrong way but that can;t last forever - can it??

dinkystinky Wed 10-Jun-09 21:17:00

I've used a sling from the beginning with DS2 - he's now 4 months - and he'll happily sleep in the sling or his cot (not so keen on his buggy - screams alot when in there before going to sleep - will go to sleep without screaming in the sling and his cot). And the days and nights thing doesnt last for ever - though it feels like it - I promise.

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