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Do I need to worry about this

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crazedupmom Mon 08-Jun-09 10:04:20

My ds moved to a new junior school in September last year were he was the only new boy in class.
He does appear to have made some friends although things don,t appear the same as when he was at his old infant school.
He had some great mates there and was always happy to have them on playdates.

I have felt the need to help him along by trying to arrange some playdates from the new school.
However although my ds says he likes it at this new school and says he plays with people he never seems keen to have anyone back to play.
Of course my mind is working overtime paranoid mom that I am, thinking does he really have mates then, and if he does why does he never want anyone back.
There has been one lad that has been coming but he has been a bit of a bad influence and I am trying to cut that down.
I have tried to push my ds on if there is anyone he would like to ask to play but he gets quite grumpy with me about it.

He is an only child and the only opportunity he has to play with his peers is if I arrange playdates for him from school.
Can,t bear to think of him sitting here day after day without ever playing with anyone.

He still sees old mates from his old infant school and gets on well with them and is always happy to see them.

Does it seem odd that he still sees old mates from infant school but is not that bothered about having mates from his new school.
Has I said I have tried to encourage but to no avail.
Do you think its me with the problem.
Please can I have your opinions.
Feel free to tell me what a loon I am.

islandlassie Mon 08-Jun-09 10:58:10

maybe he just hasnt properly settled yet.

Maybe he will settle in his own time not in yours? (that isnt meant to be me being funny iykwim?)

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