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Quick advice: did you keep DC in childcare over the birth of #2?

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hobnob57 Sun 07-Jun-09 18:28:48

I need a quick vote of opinion/experiences please!

DC#2 is due in Nov. DC#1 will be 3 in Dec. She spends 3 days with a CM term-time at the moment and loves it, and one day with granny.

Got to decide soonish what to do about childcare once matty leave starts in late Oct. I really like the idea of playing happy families and having special time with DD before the birth, but wonder how feasible that is at a cold time of year when I'll have raging SPD and will be fond of an afternoon snooze and probably won't be up for much exciting (and won't have a car).

And after the birth? Worth her having a day or two with CM to keep in touch with friends and getting Xmas outings or better to have her at home getting used to the new set-up?

She'll start nursery half-sessions after Xmas, so will keep her at home rest of the time.

Any ideas/comments welcome.

Re-reading this, I think she'd be better off at home. I'm just feeling a little hmm that I'd cope with sleep deprivation and an Xmas/birthday-riddled excited toddler.

mum2JRC Sun 07-Jun-09 19:23:05

My DS#1 has stayed at his nursery for 2 days a week since his brother's arrival.

It's allowed me one on one bonding time with DS#2 and it has also meant DS#1 has one part of his routine that's stayed constant. He loves nursery and he has so many different things to play with and enjoys his friends.

Karam Sun 07-Jun-09 19:36:48

I think the best thing is to play it by ear. My DD2 was born when DD1 was 3 exactly, and despite having been previously very happy at nursery, she suddenly started hating it - used to hide so I wouldn't take her. I think she felt as though she was missing out when she went. So we stopped her sessions and she spent the time at home with me (which is what she needed) but as the pp has said other children need the continuity. So I don't think there is one rule fits all. Just play it by ear and see what she wants to do.

gigglewitch Sun 07-Jun-09 19:41:45

we have kept routines the same for the older child/children when new one turns up. Our eldest is a total sucker for routines, is still so at 8 and a half years old, so he would have taken a very dim view of little bro arriving and wrecking his routine grin
When dd arrived, ds2 was 2 and a couple of months, we felt that he needed the stability of nursery for the usual two days a week he went, and he was at home with me and dd the rest of the time. Part-time nursery places worked best for us too smile

MerlinsBeard Sun 07-Jun-09 19:44:23

When DS3 was born we kept things the same as much as poss for DS2. He carried on going to CM once a week and still does now. Meant i got some peace from him (DS1 at school) and got some time just me and DS3

lotsofchocs Sun 07-Jun-09 20:30:15

Before DD was born I agreed with my lovely childminder to drop to 2 rather than 4 days a week during my maternity leave, and she kept his place open and one for the new baby when I returned to work at 7 months. Worked really well.

hobnob57 Sun 07-Jun-09 21:20:03

Would it complicate things if I said that CM is right next door? DD would see me out and about....

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