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advice needed, quick!

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jetcat32 Sun 07-Jun-09 17:34:22

hi, my DD1 has just returned from the corner shop very uspet. She is 12, and awaiting assessment for aspergers. We have not lived in this street very long at all, and a little girl down the street is very mouthy, and usually tries to engage my DD in conversation - and when that fails, she resorts to calling her names and teasing her.
I have witnessed this - its not that serious tbh, hence i havent stepped in.

Anyway, my DD has just been accosted in the street by this girls dad, saying that she has hit his daughter as she has a red mark on her arm. I have tried to get the bottom of it, and from what my DD tells me, the other girl was trying to push DD over, DD nearly fell, and had to push this girl to get her off her.

Now i know that i was not there, and neither was this girls dad, so it is very much one word against the other. He did tell my DD that he would be coming round later to speak to me, though tbh, i would have preferred him to speak to me in the first place! I cant go and knock for him as i am not sure which house they live at.

What is the best option here please? My DD never plays out - hence i like her to walk to the corner shop, as it is the only time she sets out the house on her own (trying to build up her confidence). I have told her that if she is to go to the shop again, she has to walk the other way up the street, which is actually longer, but know she would be happier with that.

I dont really want to get into an argument with this bloke, as actually on introductory tenency and he could make life very difficult for me. But, i do feel that something needs to be sorted. At the same time, i dont want to go into my DD's emotional issues as tbh that is none of his business.

Any advice?

Othersideofthechannel Sun 07-Jun-09 19:57:38

Sorry can't help except to bump

ICANDOTHAT Sun 07-Jun-09 20:02:53

Probably too late, but do not speak to him infront of your daughter. Listen to what he has to say and tell him your daughters side of the story. I would wrap it up very quickly and try to nip anything further in the bud. Do not tell him about your daughters pending assessment - he could be a complete ignoramous and therefore would not understand what the implecation are for your dd. Also, I would ask that he never approaches you daughter directly again - this can be frightening to any child and is in appropriate. I hope it went well. My son is dx ADHD and todate I haven't had to 'fend' off any parents, just other kids - but I think it may come in time wink

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