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Anyone had experience of ditching dummy at 10 months?? how did baby soothe his/herself afterwards?? V. Nervous!!

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mrswill Sun 07-Jun-09 15:03:07

10 month old dd, has used her dummy since a week old to go to sleep and is quite attached to it. She only has it at sleep times and isnt interested in it during the day. Im looking to ditch it by the time shes one, because of the whole teeth speech thing, plus i just cant be arsed fishing round for them in the middle of the night grin. For those of you who ditched the dummy around this age, how long and how much crying was involved [hopeful emoticon]. And did they resort to their thumb or sucking on something else - soft toy etc. I feel very cruel taking away a much loved dummy, but it has to happen sometime, maybe now is better as she cant throw tantrums for it!!

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