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Putting 2yo in a bed for first time. Keep in gro-bag?

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callalilies Sun 07-Jun-09 12:23:47

It's time to take the sides off DS's cotbed - he's on the verge of climbing out and he's keen to try a 'big boy's bed'.

My question is what do I do about bedding? He's happily in a gro-bag at the moment, which is good because he moves around a lot, he plays with his soft toys before he goes to sleep and is frequently upside down when we get him up.

But I'm wondering whether to get him a duvet and pillow for his big boy's bed. My thinking is that he is bound to climb out, and if he tried to do it in a gro-bag, he'll fall, and won't be able to get back in. In pyjamas he'll be less likely to fall and will be able to climb back in himself.

But a gro-bag might stop him roaming quite so much.

i saw on the bump-to-3 website they have gro-bag duvet sets with a zip. Are they good? Or will he be frustrated at being stuck?

What did you all do?

DontCallMeBaby Sun 07-Jun-09 12:51:17

DD stayed in a grobag when she first went into a bed. I figured it was once less change for her, and likely to make the transition easier. She never fell out, because she had a bedguard on. It actually took her about three or four months to realise she could get out of bed! She could walk around quite happily in her grobag, physically I'm sure she could have got back in, but I always suspected that she would have just cried if she'd fallen out of bed in the night. In fact I only took the bedguard off once I was confident that she would get herself back into bed if she fell out - she was 4!

The BumpTo3 things look like a good idea, but expensive, and you'd come unstuck if your DS was sick, or his nappy leaked, or he wet the bed when older - you'd need expensive spares.

callalilies Sun 07-Jun-09 13:06:15

thanks for response, that's a good point about spares of the duvet set things. Perhaps the best bet is to take the sides off and keep the gro-bag on and just see how he gets on with it before forking out on new bedding or anything.

dinkystinky Sun 07-Jun-09 17:46:53

We kept DS in a grobag when we took the side off his cot (in preparation to move him to a bed). When we moved him to bed, we used the gro-duvets (great as he moves around alot) and a really lightweight grobag (his summer one) until he got used to the quilt combo. The gro-duvet is great but normal duvets with those duvet clips work pretty well too.

wingandprayer Sun 07-Jun-09 17:52:47

We just put our 2 year old in big boy bed for first time last night. We made transition from Grobag to duvet last weekend. Both went really well but we felt we only wanted to make one transition at a time let him get used to that then do the next one. Can't say we regretted it so I would vote got keeping him in Grobag at first then introducing duvet later

callalilies Sun 07-Jun-09 18:35:08

thanks guys, looking like keeping him in gro-bag for a bit first to see how he goes

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