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Any ideas? - car seats in front and sun/glare

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MyNameIsInigoMontoya Thu 04-Jun-09 15:56:07

OK so I have a teeny-weeny 2-door car, which is virtually only used for me and DS - so his (front-facing, toddler) car seat is in the front as it would be practically impossible to get him into the back without doing my back in. It doesn't have a passenger airbag, so there are no safety issues or anything.

The trouble is, lately when the sun is shining from the front or his side, it gets right in his eyes to the point where he cries or hides his face behind his comforter (and I feel like Evil Mummy). But the fold-down visor thing is no use because it doesn't go low enough; and of course I can't safely use those child sunshade things in the front windows as I need to be able to see! I've thought of putting his sunglasses on, but think he would probably just take them off and throw them...

So - has anybody got a good idea for how to avoid this, short of buying a new car, please?

silverfrog Thu 04-Jun-09 16:04:27

peaked sun hat?

might help a little, depending on angles.

soem car seats have sunshades (even the toddler ones), and there might be an all-purpose type one sold somewhere like halfords, which would help when the sun is shining form the side (although you would ose some visibility as well, I guess)

nannyL Thu 04-Jun-09 18:52:43

can i just add i have a 3 door car too and actually find it really easy to put them in the back...

in fact i find it easier than puting in front (as happend occasionaly when i have extra children) and easier than putting them in the back of a 4 door car...

as you actually get in the car and are standing infront of them it seems to out much less strain on my back!

also i guess your passenger door doesnt have a child lock (mine doesnt) and im very conciouse that a child could open the door (but mine are good and wont), but when younger in the back with no doors (or windows) to open they are safe and cant throw anything out the window etc

MyNameIsInigoMontoya Thu 04-Jun-09 22:52:34

Mm I have tried it when carrying friends though and it was really hard, we have one of the tiniest cars around so you can't get anywhere near standing up to put him in, and you can't get properly in front as the front seat doesn't move out of the way enough, sadly... You have to sort of lean, twist and bend simultaneously which was hard even when he was a baby so I think it would be back-breaking now!

Might try the hat idea next time we go out though, it's worth a go!

At least, I will be needing a new(er) car sometime anyway (though not in the next few months), so I will make sure to get 4 doors next time.

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