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Inspiration please for things to do with 3 yr old boy!

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whizzylala Thu 04-Jun-09 07:34:45

Hi All,
Just wondered if I could pick your brains for some things and activities to do with my DS today. Was just thinking what to do and all the normal things popped into my head and I wondered if any of you had some different ideas - feel like I am in a park / bike ride / nature walk / swimming rut!
He is a typical active 3.5 yr old boy with attention span of a flea!
Any ideas welcome.
Thanks very much.

PatTheHammer Thu 04-Jun-09 07:40:53

What are you looking for Whizzy? Indoor/outdoor, activities for free or that you have to pay for? What area do you live in, then people may be local to you and have some great ideas smile.

chocolatefudgebrownie Thu 04-Jun-09 07:48:07

surestart centres are often good for free activities for under 5's. I have a similar 3.5 year old ds who needs constant stimulation, I feel your pain

SparkleandShine Thu 04-Jun-09 08:05:04

flapjacks? jam tarts? my ds has enough attention to cut ready rolled pastry and spoon in the jam....

make play doh recipe here you measure, he can stir it together, you cook it then you get a bit of mumsnetting free time while he plays with it.

whizzylala Thu 04-Jun-09 09:03:49

PatThe Hammer - anything really! Live in East Dorset. Free activities for definite. Just simple things to do in the garden home really. SparkleandShine - he loves playdoh but there is no way he would play with it by himself - has to have me to do everything with him....yawn, is currently crawling all over me.....!

MrsMattie Thu 04-Jun-09 09:09:44

Have you got a sand and/or water trough? If not, go and get one. Or make up some water play yourself. I use an old plastic jug or a watering can and get out my DS's plastic tea set and he will play for a while just pouring water all over the place, really.

Is there a patch of your garden you could give to him? let him dig for worms or plant something? Planting is always a good 'un. Grow cress or let him plant his own herb pot. Trip to the garden centre?

Teddybears picnic in the garden makes lunch much more pelasant, too grin

PatTheHammer Thu 04-Jun-09 09:57:21

Hmmm, outdoor painting? Chalking on the patio, paddling pool filled with stuff other than water (cooked spaghetti with food colour or play-balls etc with a slide going into it). Treasure hunt (hide little plastic animals/dinosuars etc in house/garden). Get him to design an obstacle course in the house/garden. Junk modelling with cardboard boxes/bottle/glue and paint....make a space rocket?
Love the digging in the garden idea, my DD loves doing that!
Log onto cbeebies or other kids computer site for other ideas and activities.

Have you got a city farm near you? These are usually free. Or how about buying a cheap kite and going somewhere to practice flying it? Walk in the woods and build a den or something out of sticks? Alternatively find a good book and go and find a pub garden with a good climbing frame/slide and sit outside with a nice beverage while he tires himself out (you could even have lunchgrin)

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